Entry: Season of Nut - Pisces Feb 24, 2005

On February 21 we entered one of my favorite seasons - The Season of Nut, as the sun transitioned into Pisces. I guess it's a favorite since I was born this month (on the 14th) and so am a Pisces and because I love Nut.

Nut is Goddess of the Sky and mother of Isis, Osirus, Set and Nephytis, wife of Geb (the Earth). Her star-spangled body stretches over the heavens.

I've been observing the seasons and the Egyptian Diety that rules them now for several months and finding it a great way to learn about more about the Diety. I search out all the myths about them I can and add a hymn to them during my daily devotionals at my altar. This month, I'm also wearing a sky goddess pendant in honor of Nut.


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