Entry: Difference between Wicca and Egyptian Wicca Feb 24, 2005

Someone asked on the tag board what the difference was in Wicca and Egyptian Path. Besides using the Egyptian Dieties, there are a few.

It's true we don't call the quarters in our circle - The Elements are called during the erection of the Temple (and often honored during Solstices) and are considered to be always present so it's not necessary to call them for every ritual or spell. But as far as opening the circle counter-clockwise, that isn't true. Most Egyptian rituals do not use formal circles at all and I've never heard of calling them counter-clockwise.

Egyptian rituals tend to be more formal, ritualized affairs similar to High Magick. (Though I consider myself Eclectic Egyptian since I don't always do formal rituals! lol). I tend to do what I feel I need to at the time and find it effective.

I'm still learning a lot and as I said, practice an Eclectic Egyptian Wicca and not formal Temple of Isis or similar teachings.


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