Entry: The Secret and the Law of Attraction Mar 23, 2007

Recently reading more and more about the Law of Attaction (The Secret), I read a story in the Secret book about a man doing a test with a feather - visualizing a certain feather with certain markings and then finding the exact feather laying in his path. So I decided to do a test myself and after giving it a lot of thought, I decided to use a customers missing order as my test.

In a nutshell, I shipped a $230+ order to the UK for a customer last April and the tracking number showed 1 attempted delivery April 13, 2006 and then nothing after that. The customer was a pain and never would go to her post office to look for it and I ended up refunding her around the end of April for it. So I was out the $230 she paid me as well as the $100 or so worth of items she had ordered.

I remembered the shipment in as much detail as I could and the circumstances of the order, conversations with the customer, the emotions I felt about it, etc. and then told the universe I wanted that shipment back.  This was about 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, I went to the post office and guess what was waiting for me to pick it up??? It was marked "unclaimed" on April 20, 2006. No idea where it's been since, but everything was perfectly intact and is now back in my inventory :)

If I did have any doubts about the LOA working, I don't now!


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