Entry: Feeling the connection... Mar 25, 2007

There are times when I feel like I have experienced something that is hard to put into words. This is one of those times.

I have been studying "The Master Key of Success" which is one of the works "The Secret" was based upon (and is available for free download from their site at www.thesecret.tv ).

Basically it's a series of 24 reflections and lessons to help build your power and connectiveness to the Divine (which I think of as Isis but any concept of the Divine is fine). The first lesson is physical stillness - which I used to be a master of as I used to meditate every day for 15-30 minutes. I haven't followed that as strongly as I used to for a while though so am getting back into it and thought doing so while following The Master Key (MK) would be a good way of doing so. I managed physical, mental stillness, and relaxation for 5 minutes today and will build on that (this actually combines the first 3 lessons from the MK but as I used to do this easily every day, I felt it would be okay to combine them and work back up to 30 minutes a day). I started meditating daily when I was 12.

As it usually does, meditation makes me feel "open" (this is the part that is hard to explain). It's almost like my head opens and my mind can more freely feel and absorb everything around it (if that makes sense). I used to go into this state before studying in middle and high school and found I could more easily remember eveything for my test (I was a straight A student).

I tend to be more aware of everything around me and while I was in this state, I started thinking about one of the concepts in the MK - connectedness. We are all connected. We are the Divine and the Divine is us. Willow's line in Buffy the Vampire Slayer about feeling the connectedness of the Earth flashed thru my mind and I became aware of a heron behind the house cooing.

Looking out my bedroom window, I realized it was just out of view so I started to go into the next room to see if I could see it when I noticed a rainbow being cast on the wall behind my bedroom door. I have several crystals hanging around the windows oposite that wall so started looking at which it might be. I moved into this house a year ago and never noticed the rainbows here, though they used to cast them all around the room in my old apartment.

I went from crystal to crystal trying to locate the source and finally discovered they were emanating from the quartz crystal end of the wand in the stand on my altar that is before the window. Which, by the way, is a pathfinder connection wand!

It made me pause to realize just how connected these events were leading me full circle to my wand (which I haven't used in a while and immediately picked up and meditated with having a wonderful experience of feeling even more connnected!

These musings also lead me to realize I am connected to all those around me, including my customers, that I sometimes feel I take too much for granted. While processing last nights orders and packing shipments today, I am taking a moment to realize and appreciate that connection. To feel gratitude for the path that lead that person to my sites and the connection they will hopefully feel to the items they receive and the joy it will give them.

What a wonderful way to look at working!


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