Jinjiro » Is it, Grain cakes with honey?
ben » who wants sex??!!
kayla » i need info
kayla » they are tall to answer ur q
kayla » but do u guys know the answer
kayla » i do
kayla » so what is isis favorite food?!
kayla » does anyone know what Isis's favorite food was?
kayla » does anyone know what Isis's favorite food was?
alira » does anyone know what the temple garments of isis are sapoused to look like?
violet » hello
Kay » Finally!Some1 who actually knows ho Isis is!Gir-some people are so stupid
spiritman » hello
spiritman » hello
Mariah » Hi
Lord Eowynn » hello fellow pagan brethren
Lord Eowynn » hello fellow pagan brethren
Prince Osiris » Namahst
me » hello moron
me » do u think im stupid
me » no
pisces boi » is anyone here a pagan
pisces boi » how is everyone
hello » hi pplz wassup
vara » pienso los estados unidos
shardow-wolf » hello
Rowan » Greetings all! I am a coveness who is planning to use an Egyptian ritual for our March moon. Any suggestions?
little-miss-isis » Hi there...interesting blog you have here! I'd like to know about this Egyptian gods and zodiac signs correspondences. I never knew Nut was Pisces-Where do you get the info-and what's the aries god?
Crescentia » Hello
oaky » hello
AkiraAten » Cauldron, and you place colors and you open the circle counter clock wise instead of going in a clockwise motion.
AkiraAten » Egyptian Magic the difference is between Witchvraft (Wicca) the main difference is that you open your circle differently you dont need all the items that you use in regular Wicca rituals such as
AkiraAten » I can answer your question if you like
AkiraAten » jj are you still here?
AkiraAten » hello
bad_girl » hey hey
jj » hello
jj » any one ?
jj » im trying to find out what path of craft is my calling and i was wondering what makes Egyptian Magick & Witchcraft different?
jj » hi
jj » hi
Ves » hello
Ves » hi
Ves » HI
fausto » de que pais es esta pagina?
Synchronicity » Determinism will help you find your way
Crescentia » Yes, please do place a banner! I didn't know what a tagboard was at first
finally » finally
finally » finally
Saphfire Storm » I'm going to check that isis meetup link ... by the way... I may have cyber rituals soon at the coven site. May I place your banner there aswell?
Saphfire Storm » Yay! the tag board is up!